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Northwestern (Howard) School Corporation

Kokomo, Indiana

Howard Elementary was in much need of renovation of the existing building as well as addition of new space for enhanced programs and enrollment increase. This small elementary school located in the eastern portion of the school district some distance from the main campus is the activity center for their community. The existing building was renovated to improve the classroom environment and add technology as well as HVAC, electrical and plumbing upgrades. An addition included a new identifiable “front door” with office space and a new cafeteria thus separating the existing multi-purpose for physical education and lunch. Total construction cost was $4,439,000 completed in the fall of 2006.

On the main campus, the Northwestern High School, Middle School and Elementary School buildings were improved with a construction cost of $12,288,000 and completed in the winter of 2006.

This included a new auditorium and a new multi-purpose space for high school and middle school fine arts programs and physical education/athletic programs.

The elementary portion of the building improvements included a classroom addition and the infill of a courtyard with a new media center.


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