Construction Management

Time and money form the essence of all construction projects.  At Verkler Incorporated, we turn this essence into assets and advantages to our clients.

On-site representation is only one of the many prime components of Verkler Incorporated's complete and extensive construction management program.  The Construction Management process involves the highest level of interaction between all members of the project team at times when maximum financial and schedule benefits can be brought to the table.

Dealing with complex phasing, cost-estimating, value engineering, scheduling, budget maintenance and several other specific tasks, Verkler Incorporated keeps your project running smoothly and provides important construction experience at all stages of the project's development.

I. The planning phase:

• We assist in defining your goals, needs & parameters.
• We participate in a feasibility study.
• We develop a master plan schedule.
• We prepare conceptual estimates
• We analyze budgets & cash flow.
• We provide a community “SUPPORT” program.

II. The design phase:

• We direct value engineering analysis.
• We conduct document review at each design phase.
• We compile milestone schedules.
• We provide bid package strategy.
• We assemble front-end specifications.
• We schedule and conduct pre-bid conferences.
• We provide bid tabulations.
• We prepare prime contracts.

III. The construction phase:

• We manage multiple contracts.
• We verify contractor’s insurance.
• We document daily job-site activity.
• We schedule and conduct progress meetings.
• We conduct safety and security reviews.
• We schedule quality control inspections.
• We control costs.
• We review and approve contractor payments.
• We review and recommend change orders.
• We ensure punch list completion.
• We provide monthly project reports.

IV. The post-construction phase:

• We provide final inspections.
• We provide operations & maintenance manuals.
• We prepare final accounting reports.
• We conduct a one-year warranty review.

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