Harshman Middle School    

Indianapolis Public Schools
Indianapolis, IN

The H.L. Harshman Middle School renovation project is one of the numerous projects that Indianapolis Public Schools is completing during its second phase of Capital Improvement Projects. This 122,660 square foot two-story facility is being brought up to 21st Century standards by helping to provide a learning environment that "cultivates excellence and responsible citizenship."

Harshmann Middle School Renovations

The systems within the building are being updated to improve technology, electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilating while adding air conditioning. The interior aesthetics of the building are being updated from its 1960's decor with major renovations to the science laboratories and the media center. A.D.A. compliance issues will be brought up to current code. The building envelope will be improvide with new windows to increase energy efficiency.

This renovation is being completed while the students and the staff occupy the building. The project began in June of 2007 and will be completed by June of 2009. The $10,200,000 project will incorporate five construction phases. Verkler as construction manager has the responsibility to maintain a safe and secure learning environment during this two-year period of building renovation.

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