Atherton Union

Butler University

Indianapolis, Indiana

This project by Butler University was a cooperative effort between the student body and University Administration. Verkler was asked to serve as Construction Manager on the project because of very tight construction budgets and timetables. The design of Atherton Union took into consideration the special construction and historical significance of the buildings that surrounded it. The construction called for high quality craftsmanship to match that of other buildings on the campus.

The Union has become the meeting place for faculty, students and alumni. Special requirements covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act were addressed in the renovation of the existing building. The project provides an important physical addition to the campus. With the addition of several thousand square feet of space, including a general purpose hall, alumni lounge, student lounge and various areas that serve the Butler community. Atherton Union has become a new landmark on the campus. Verkler is proud to have played a part in building the futures of the Butler University community.

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