Sugar Grove Elementary School

Center Grove Community School Corporation
Greenwood, Indiana

Center Grove Community School Corporation was in a rapid growth mode, generating a need for a new elementary school to alleviate overcrowding at the district’s five other schools.  The 60-acre site was designed with 20 acres designated for the new elementary and 40 acres for a new middle school.  The new 600+ student K-5 Sugar Grove Elementary School was designed with two wings : one for  K-2 students and the other for 3-5 students.  The apex of the building provided for all of the support areas for administration and guidance plus activity areas of art, music, media center, and gymnasium/stage/cafeteria as well as a large group instruction room.

The design of the building, the strategic bidding times, and the well-defined bid packages lead to a cost effective construction cost of $8,200,000 for the 98,000 square-foot site.  The construction timeline was aggressive  since construction began in the summer of 1994 and student occupancy was  needed for August of 1995. The building was turned over to the administration and teaching staff in June of 1995. 

This provided adequate time for all furniture and equipment to be installed as well as all systems to be checked before student usage.  The teachers moving from other elementary schools  in the district were grateful to have the summer for classroom set-up before students arrived.

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